[single] Big Bang & 2NE1 – Lollipop

31 03 2009

this is for a commercial…this song make it to the Top 1 on the day of its release….it’s a good song ^_^

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[news] Another Big Bang in the making

26 05 2008

YG Entertainment plans to debut a spanking new girl group this summer. Members of the yet untitled group will include Park Bom, CL, and Gong Min Ji.

YG claims that this group will be like the female Big Bang in the sense that their music will be different from what’s currently out right now.

Source: http://www.popseoul.com/

i really thought that Sandara Park was going to be a part of this group coz she was practicing with them and all but it turns out that she was just only practicing with them…notice the last pic, the group pic that there are 4 girls there? well the one on the farthest right wearing sleeveless is Sandara Park…well it was really a shock when i heard that Sandara will be on this group but it didnt shock me when i heard that she wasn’t i think she needs to practice more and enhance her skills ^_^

if you want to watch the videos here they are

080519 YG Trainees – CL, Bom, Min Ji, Sandara Park

Park Bom Singing video

Gong MinJi Rapping & Singing video

CL Rapping & Singing video

well if you are all interested with Sandara here is a MV that she starred in with TOP[of Big Bang]

I’m Sorry – Gummy ft. T.O.P [Sandara Park]