[MV] SNSD – Genie

28 06 2009

i uploaded this for a friend but i wil post it here so that many people will benefit from it! anyways great song & great MV!

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[news] SNSD are “Sorry” for parodying Shinhwa’s Jun Jin

26 05 2008

SNSD was forced to apologize in person to Shinhwa’s Jun Jin, who is busy promoting his first solo album.

On Melon’s DMB radio that aired May 14, SNSD disrespectfully labeled Jun Jin has ‘Justin Jinberlake’ (they probably thought they were so clever) and did a ridiculous imitation of Jun Jin’s power-punch dance to his title song “Wa”.

Afterward, the Shinhwa fans who watched this radio broadcast were furious, leaving remarks on message boards of Melon radio and SM Entertainment, saying “Isn’t it disrespectful to make fun of a senior singer?”

On May 22, SNSD made a formal, sincere apology in person to Jun Jin, who was waiting in his dressing room before his performance on Mnet M! Countdown.

Jun Jin’s management company, Open World Entertainment, revealed this incident on their homepage on May 22, asking for the fans’ understanding. (Wow, the power of SM – at least they delayed this news from reaching fans until SNSD got a chance to apologize).

According to Open World Entertainment, after reading the comments left by fans, a representative from Open World contacted SNSD’s manager at SM Entertainment, expressing his displeasure and requesting an apology. SM Entertainment’s representative explained that SNSD was only following the radio script and did not deliberately humiliate their senior singer, Jun Jin. Open World confirmed that SNSD met Jun Jin in his dressing room and made a formal apology.

SNSD left a message on Shinhwa’s site, saying that they were very apologetic and that they can’t ask for Shinhwa fans to love them, but to at least forgive them. In return, one fan replied, “ I hope you watch your mouth in the future. You [SNSD] still didn’t apologize for saying that Shin Hye Sung’s voice was like that of a goat. I hope this doesn’t occur again. Because SNSD apologized, I think I’ll be able to close my eyes just this once.” (By the way, Hye Sung’s much acclaimed vocals are amazingly sweet).

Source of the news: My Daily, Daum
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Nikki: SNSD fans are trying to take out all of the vids that showed Tiffany “messing up” including her comment to Kim Ji Suk and her parody of the Jun Jin Dance.

Nikki (again): I put Tiffany’s pic at first becuase she is the one that said both of those rude remarks but i changed it to a group pic to match the title now.


my comment

what is with Tiffany this days…..*sigh* why do the news that i get of them are all negative…1 members mistake = all members mistake O_O

well if anyone wants to watch the video of Tiffany imitating Junjin’s Wa here it is

SNSD Accident on Radio

[news]Netizens Attack SNSD Tiffany, Again

23 05 2008

Not long ago Soompi suspended their SNSD forum dude to bashing on one of the members. Tiffany. Tiffany was previously accused of constantly stealing the spotlight from the other girls. In a rude explanation: “Attention Wh*re”

The Forum is back open but this time another attack had surfaces online netizens in both Soompi and Korea.

During a recent episode of KBS Champagne, actor Kim Ji Suk was the guest for the night. Kim Ji Suk graduated college from England and had obtained a degree in teaching, therefore decided to sing “Too Good to be True” for the the other female MC.

Tiffany then spoke up and “corrected” him. According to her, he had too much slang so she took over and re-sang the song personally to show him the “correct” way to sing it.

After the show, netizens, including SNSD fans, were not happy. They now accuse her of being a snob and rude towards Kim Ji Suk who did not ask for her help.

Source: AsianFanatics
and now…correcting is a crime – _ -;;…

my own comment about this….well i am also a SNSD fan so i watch the variety shows they are in…well in park kyung lim’s show which seems like SNSD is a regular guest on every episode….Tiffany seems to be kinda rude towards Park Kyung Lim i dunno…but that’s how i see it…when Park kyung lim is speaking Tiffany will suddenly interrupt but not that often though….i dont know if it’s just an act given to tiffany to somewhat irritate park kyung lim or what…ok just dont mind me hehe