[mp3] Bae Seul Gi – 지겨워 (Tiresome)

2 04 2009

another Brave Bro. music…haha they have been doing a lot of songs lately….anyways the song is so addicting ^_^ full single/album will be out tomorrow…04-03-09


click on the pics for original sizes

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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[mp3] AJ ft.Hyuna – 2009

31 03 2009

here is the mp3 for 2009…2009 is the title of the song….i am not sure when will his full single/album will be release…hehe but i will post it here when it is released ^_^


i like the part where Hyuna said ” I’m so hot like…Wonder Girls!”

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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[MP3] Ok Joo Hyun – Honey

12 06 2008

as requested by wendyy…here it is ^_^

Ok Joo Hyun – Honey

[MP3] English & Acoustic Version of Shinee’s Noona is so pretty

5 06 2008

OMG!!!!!! this is like the greatest fanmade song ever!!!! GOD!!!so great!!!! this is a recommendation!!!! a MUST!!!

her voice is really awesome!!!i mean this is no joke! you just have to check this out!!!!

there is also a youtube clip

Aozorafantasii – Replay English cover

credits: Aozorafantasii + angry_lil_azn & cutegiurl

[Promo MP3s] Leah Dizon, Tenjochiki & alan

3 06 2008

3 Promo mp3 from 3 singers..

Promo mp3s are songs released ahead of their single release [i think] hehe anyways here are the official releases for the 3 singles…once the full singles are released i will upload them on my blog ^_^

Leah DizonVanilla will be released on June 25

alanNatsukashii Mirai ~longing future~ will be released on July 2

TenjochikiHere ft. Cliff Edge will be released on July 23

this is only a temporary cover for Tenjochiki’s new single

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[mp3] Utada Hikaru – First Love;Howl & J -Perhaps Love

26 05 2008

as requested by erika hehehe

Utada Hikaru – First Love

Perhaps Love – Goong OST

credits: cutegiurl