[single] Battle – Step by Step

5 06 2008

they’ve undergone a total change from their image on their debut up to now…they weren’t really popular when they debuted so they are hoping that with this Change they will be popular…so im gving them a chance ^_^ just download and listen hehe and let me hear what you have to say to the “Newly Improved Battle”

saying a little thanks is very much appreciated

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[news] Shinhwa’s Battle returns with a new image but only 5 members

26 05 2008

The anticipated “2nd Shinhwa” group Battle is having a brand new start, but this time with the absent of Kihyun.

Battle plans to release new pictures day by day starting from the 26th, and they will begin to film their 3rd single’s music video on the 23rd.

Battle not only changed their visual appearance dramatically, but also musically as well. The well-knowned producers, the “Brave Brothers” 용감한 형제, who produced for big artists like Big Bang, Lexy, Se7en, Gummy, etc. have helped them change their image.

Good Entertainment explained; “this 3rd single will be different from their 1st and 2nd. They will have a new image and a new music style. the addictive melodies of the album will hopefully be loved by the public.”

Meanwhile, Kihyun, known for his similarity to Lee Nayoung, the movie star, has left the group. Good Entertainment announced, “Kihyun wanted to focus more on acting and plans to come out as an actor, not a singer.”

The new single this time around will focus on the Japanese market. However, Battle had already received negative comments from Dong Bang Shin Ki’s fan club, Cassiopeia and Big Bang’s VIP.
Cassiopeia believed that Battle is trying to follow the footsteps of Tohoshinki; they both has 5 members now and they both have (will have) a Japanese song titled Step by Step.
As for Big Bang’s VIPz, they claimed Battle members are following the same image that Big Bang had created.



well they didnt really do good on their debut but i hope they will be this time….i love their hairstyles -_-