[single] Battle – Step by Step

5 06 2008

they’ve undergone a total change from their image on their debut up to now…they weren’t really popular when they debuted so they are hoping that with this Change they will be popular…so im gving them a chance ^_^ just download and listen hehe and let me hear what you have to say to the “Newly Improved Battle”

saying a little thanks is very much appreciated

01 Big Change feat. Deegie

02 Step By Step

03 Luv U

credits: jayce_gal , bww2 & cutegiurl




12 responses

6 06 2008

these songs are definitely different from their earlier singles, but i still really like it! thanks for sharing =)

6 06 2008

thanks a bunch!! 🙂 i’ll buy this sometime soon as well to support our Battle boys =)

10 06 2008

Hello! Thanks for sharing these songs ^_^

18 06 2008

their songs are practically “bigbang-copied” songs……tsk tsk..
i was looking forward to this album cause i liked battle but..
big disappointment! D:

22 06 2008

thanx 4 sharing!!!!!!!

30 06 2008

oh! thank you 😀

12 09 2008

i never liked battle though i really wanted to. i found them very typical.

of course it is very obvious they are totally “big Bang number 2” in their new mv. and the song is made by people who wrote Last Farewell. ( love big bang by the way)

i do have to say i think they did it better than big bang would have.

also i love alllll the styles of the members in Battle.

wow i can’t stop hearing and watching their mv.

also there live is like perfect!!! something taht big bang needs to work on.

anyways i am actually impressed. i think they worked really hard ’cause there dancing is really good in the live.

they weren’t very popular so they are finding new ways to become popular. so of course they’ll change their style. i think they finally found it !!! go battle!!! i luv them now 😀

also since they cmae out 1 year earlier then Big Bang…. if they found there “look and style” earlier they might just be more popular than big bang. lol iono. but i luve them both now 😀

22 09 2008

awesome songs, thank youuuuu!!

14 12 2008

thanx for sharing! i love their image!

15 05 2009

Thanks for sharing, I love the song Step by Step ^^.. I haven’t heard the two other songs on the single yet, but I bet those are good songs too =)..

18 08 2009

Thanks u sooooo much! I love the song Step by Step and I was looking for it for a long time (:

3 10 2009

Thank you lots! 😀

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