[MP3] Ok Joo Hyun – Honey

12 06 2008

as requested by wendyy…here it is ^_^

Ok Joo Hyun – Honey


[single] Battle – Step by Step

5 06 2008

they’ve undergone a total change from their image on their debut up to now…they weren’t really popular when they debuted so they are hoping that with this Change they will be popular…so im gving them a chance ^_^ just download and listen hehe and let me hear what you have to say to the “Newly Improved Battle”

saying a little thanks is very much appreciated

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[MP3] English & Acoustic Version of Shinee’s Noona is so pretty

5 06 2008

OMG!!!!!! this is like the greatest fanmade song ever!!!! GOD!!!so great!!!! this is a recommendation!!!! a MUST!!!

her voice is really awesome!!!i mean this is no joke! you just have to check this out!!!!

there is also a youtube clip

Aozorafantasii – Replay English cover

credits: Aozorafantasii + angry_lil_azn & cutegiurl

[Random MP3] Original & Covers [Batch 2]

5 06 2008

the theme for the 2nd Batch is Original & Covers

these songs comes in pairs…the original song and a cover of that song in a diff. language ^_^

the ones in Blue color are the Original and the ones in Red are the Covers

Loveholic – One Love [Korean]

Acel Bisa – One Love [English]

Byul – I Think I [Korean]

Fan Wei Qi – I Think I [Chinese]

DSBK – Miduhyo [Korean]

Van Fan – Ai Le Jiu Shi [Chinese]

Howl & J – Perhaps Love [Korean]

Christian Bautista & Rachelle Ann Go – Pag-ibig Na Kaya [Tagalog]

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[Random-MP3] Hip Hop with Boy-Girl Collabs [Batch 1]

4 06 2008

in the future i will also post some more randoms songs just like this…hehehe i’m getting some idea again and i may upload batch 2 tomorrow…heheh just wait for it ^_^

today’s theme is HipHop with Boy-Girl Collabs

yeah ive been hooked ^_^ i am in love with this songs! this songs are kinda like HipHoppie hehehwell i think they are haha! well 2 songs ft. Bae Seul Gi & 1 for BoA…what’s with BSG’s partners is there any pattern i mean [(Letter)-(English Name)] hahah..anyways G-Idea’s song is the most latest release out of the three….

H-Eugene ft. Bae Seul GiKiss Me

G-Idea ft. Bae Seul GiSummer Dream

Seamo ft. BoAHey Boy Hey Girl

saying a little thanks is very much appreciated

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[Promo MP3s] Leah Dizon, Tenjochiki & alan

3 06 2008

3 Promo mp3 from 3 singers..

Promo mp3s are songs released ahead of their single release [i think] hehe anyways here are the official releases for the 3 singles…once the full singles are released i will upload them on my blog ^_^

Leah DizonVanilla will be released on June 25

alanNatsukashii Mirai ~longing future~ will be released on July 2

TenjochikiHere ft. Cliff Edge will be released on July 23

this is only a temporary cover for Tenjochiki’s new single

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[full single] Wonder Girls – So Hot

3 06 2008

this is just a preview…the whole single will be out on June 3 so i will update this until then!

it’s out!!!!!ahhh! all the songs are great!!! i am in love with This Time! ahhh! such a great song!!!

saying a little thanks is very much appreciated

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