[news]Netizens Attack SNSD Tiffany, Again

23 05 2008

Not long ago Soompi suspended their SNSD forum dude to bashing on one of the members. Tiffany. Tiffany was previously accused of constantly stealing the spotlight from the other girls. In a rude explanation: “Attention Wh*re”

The Forum is back open but this time another attack had surfaces online netizens in both Soompi and Korea.

During a recent episode of KBS Champagne, actor Kim Ji Suk was the guest for the night. Kim Ji Suk graduated college from England and had obtained a degree in teaching, therefore decided to sing “Too Good to be True” for the the other female MC.

Tiffany then spoke up and “corrected” him. According to her, he had too much slang so she took over and re-sang the song personally to show him the “correct” way to sing it.

After the show, netizens, including SNSD fans, were not happy. They now accuse her of being a snob and rude towards Kim Ji Suk who did not ask for her help.

Source: AsianFanatics
and now…correcting is a crime – _ -;;…

my own comment about this….well i am also a SNSD fan so i watch the variety shows they are in…well in park kyung lim’s show which seems like SNSD is a regular guest on every episode….Tiffany seems to be kinda rude towards Park Kyung Lim i dunno…but that’s how i see it…when Park kyung lim is speaking Tiffany will suddenly interrupt but not that often though….i dont know if it’s just an act given to tiffany to somewhat irritate park kyung lim or what…ok just dont mind me hehe




13 responses

23 05 2008

huh?… tiffany is like that?… >___> sheesh.. i don’t like her… yea, at first, i thought she’s cute and all.., but now… not anymore… especially when i saw the anycall commercial, waahh! she’s getting two cute boys at the same time! grrr…~

23 05 2008

haha! dont bash like that ok! hehehe maybe we just misunderstand it so dont come up with conclusions yourself ^_^

23 05 2008

still.. i don’t like her. =p

23 05 2008

hahah!be careful! i dont want SNSD fans coming here and bashing this blog! hahaha SNSD fans can be scary sometimes!well all SM artists fans can be quite scary -_-

23 05 2008

okay. i’ll shut up now..haha..

24 05 2008

yeap..they are all scary…
over obsessed i guess…
well, hope this will let tiffy to re-think what she had done…

everybody makes mistakes..
she’s a human too..
can’t expect her to be perfect…
she get her lesson now…

let hope for the best for her..

absolutely no bashing..
i don’t like that too…..

24 05 2008

yah i hope she change that attitude of her ^_^ and yeah i dont like bashing ^_^ i am ang angel hahah ok that’s a joke ^_^

19 06 2008

Well…she’s not familiar with the Korean culture?
Some lame excuse. Most asian families in California and the U.S. still teach asian morals and mannerism to their kids.

In other words, this is disrespecting elders. Tough luck with that Tiff, Koreans base their culture on respect.

2 07 2008

Well, the thing is, she was raised in America, and American Celebrities correct each other all the time, so maybe she’s just not completely caught up on the do’s and dont’s of the entertainment industry there.

7 08 2008

Please, ignoring the cultures, the action itself is RUDE. No explanation needed. its not the first time either. and its not like Koreans would really know anyways.

9 09 2008

Its still rude. Growing up in a western society has nothing to do with it. Bad manners is still bad manners.

5 08 2009

ahahahahaha thats so funny!!!!

15 10 2009

Don;t believe everything you read. I am so sick of all the people bashing Tiffany, and most who do are those that have no proof or their evidences are false. If you actually WATCH the kim ji suk vid where Tiffany corrects his English, it’s all in a light-hearted manner, nothing rude at all. Tiffany has always been a SWEET and warming girl. I have read and seen every negative aspects anti’s have said about her, and they are baseless and extremely evil.

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