♥| cutegiurl |♥

hello im cutegiurl and welcome to my blog! hehehe

this blog will contain anything that i love or im interested in! from news to pics,songs & MVs…

here are some info about me ^_^

name: Tricia Ann M. Evangelista

age: 17 years old

bday: Aug. 18,1990

ethnicity: filipino

fave artists: Wonder Girls!, TVXQ, Big Bang, Epik High, SNSD, Bae Seul Gi, Shinee, Scandal,Eru, Alex[Clazziquai], CSJH, Boa, Utada Hikaru & more

fave songs: Ga Jyeo Ga, So Hot[WG’s New Song!], Hawaiian Couple, Prisoner of Love, Love is all i need

hobbies: drawing, listening to asian music, blogging![my fave!], photography, reading & more

here are some of my pics ^_^

well more pics of me and really recent ^_^ sorry hehe im a cam-addict hehehe


9 responses

25 05 2008

only 17?
so young..hek2…

ouh, u like csjh heh?

3 06 2008

youre a filipino too!!! :]
i saw your blog just a while ago… and it rocks!!!
..is it okay if i add you in my blogroll?
you can add me too:
my blog is called “Shuffle and Repeat”


great site!!!

salamat na rin kung iadd mo ko… hehe

3 06 2008

it’s definitely ok if u add me! hahah i have another blog and it’s purely about WG ^_^ you can visit it for sometime ^_^ it’s


3 06 2008

hehe… thanks :]

13 06 2008

omg omg i just realised that we share the same birthday date im 18th of August too,thats so cool yet weird at the same time,but im a younger.lol XD
thanks for everything
love wendyy

13 06 2008

wow thats nice haha

23 08 2008

Haha it’s so funny but i love all of your singers or groups that you like :: except a couple that i don’t know ( im gonna check them out though )
I love your pictures especially the first ones xD ^^
all right thanks for having your blog ^_^

21 04 2009

haha nice to meet you!
i have a music bog and i will review some kpop artist too, can we link each other?
i linked u already hehe

8 07 2009


ahh…i was the last one who comment on this page

just want to say that i moved to a new place…can u please be so kind to change my link on ur blog?

u can go there by click my namexD

and yay for snsd!!

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